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Last Updated: 8th May 2016

I'm migrating to a new blog platform...

How To Install A Let's Encrypt Certificate On Apache2

Last Updated: 13th Mar 2016

How To Install A Let's Encrypt Certificate On Apache2 To install the certificate, I followed the instructions here by installing from Github. $ git clone $ cd letsencrypt $ ./letsencrypt-auto --help Then I used the "apache plugin" to generate a certificate for ./letsencrypt-auto --apache I then answered some questions, and it generated four files in…

Schema Microdata Resources

Last Updated: 14th Dec 2014 Microdata Resource Getting started with microdata Testing your microdata

Template for 16 Blank Flash Cards

Last Updated: 14th Dec 2014

This webpage is a free education utility for making blank flashcards. Printing this page in portrait mode will create a sheet of paper with 16 flashcards, each 2.125 x 2.75 inches in size.

How To Create A localhost HTTPS Python Server

Last Updated: 6th Dec 2014

How To Create A localhost HTTPS Python Server To create a python https server, create in your development directory... import BaseHTTPServer, SimpleHTTPServer import ssl httpd = BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer(('', 4443), SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler) httpd.socket = ssl.wrap_socket (httpd.socket, certfile='localhost.pem', server_side=True) httpd.serve_forever() And run python to start the server. To generate the self signed certificate... openssl req -new -x509 -keyout localhost.pem -out

Kleene Star In Javascript

Last Updated: 30th Nov 2014

The Kleene star is a unary operation, either on sets of strings or on sets of symbols or characters. The application of the Kleene star to a set V is written as V*. It is widely used for regular expressions, which is the context in which it was introduced by

Programming Demos

Last Updated: 28th Nov 2014

Programming Demos These are some programming demos and experiments I've done in the past. 2014-07-26 - Learing about Self Organizing Maps More on Self Organizing Maps on Wikipedia 2014-01-31 - Making a game in Pixi.js 2012-12-12 - Work In Progress Gallery 2012-09-15 - Exploring Markov Chains 2012-08-28 - Wolfram Alpha Matrix Calculator 2012-06-28 - Drawing with a dot

Spanish Language Resources

Last Updated: 26th Nov 2014

Spanish Language Resources FSI Language Courses Spanish Vocabulary Grouped By Topic

Programming Tools

Last Updated: 26th Nov 2014

Programming Tools 2014-01-31 - Offline CSV to JSON Converter

Working With Apache on EC2's Ubuntu Image

Last Updated: 25th Nov 2014

Working With Apache on EC2's Ubuntu Image Restarting Apache To restart apache you can run sudo service apache2 reload, apachectl, apache2ctl Config Files Config files for apache are located in /etc/apache2. Do not modify apache2.conf, instead add your own custom configuration files to the conf-available folder. It looks like the naming convention is to…

Excerpts From Hannible by Thomas Harris

Last Updated: 1st Mar 2014

Excerpts From Hannible by Thomas Harris From Chapter 12 Clarice Starling visits Barney Matthews to ask him if he knows the whereabouts of Hannible's papers and artwork. "Barney, after you turned over Dr. Lecter to the Tennessee people --" "They weren't civil to him." "After you --" "And…

Free Calender Maker

Last Updated: 20th Jan 2014

I couldn't find an easy calender generator online so I made one. This calender generator let's you choose the year and then prints each month on a standard 8x11 sheet of paper.

How to Change PDF Document Bookmark Numbering

Last Updated: 20th Jan 2012

A tutorial that details how to change the bookmark numbering on a pdf document using only open-source and GPL licensed software.

About Web Caches

Last Updated: 23rd Mar 2011

About Web Caches This article draws primarily from two sources: - Speed Up Your Site With Caching, and Mark Nottingham's Caching Tutorial. The purpose of this article to help clarify what caching is and how to do it. Think of this article as an brief overview of the…

Excerpts from Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Last Updated: 1st Jan 2011

Excerpts from Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt From Chapter 3 I know that big people don't like questions from children. They can ask all the questions they like, How's school? Are you a good boy? Did you say your prayers? but if you ask them did they say their prayers…